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On the morning of Tuesday, May 30 2006, our good friends and neighbors, Scott and Maria suffered the accident that every one hopes will never happen to them. Their house, along with all of its contents burned completely to the ground. The newspaper rightfully described it as a small residence, and maybe it was even a cabin, but regardless of it's size, it was their home, contained all of their belongings and this is a huge loss.
I have developed this little web site, so that we can spread the word, and offer our support as a community. Please pass this along, though we have not so far told Scott and Maria of this effort, so for now, keep it hush.
Below is a link to the PayPal donation form that you can use to provide financial support. I'm sure anything you offer will be greatly appreciated. All forms of payment are accepted--you don't need an account, and this is a secure transaction handled by PayPal.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

Peter Ozolins

Fire burns remote cabin
By Raymond Drumsta
[Ithaca] Journal Staff

MECKLENBURG — Schuyler County officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a small structure near the corner of Sirrine and Burr roads Tuesday morning.
Firefighters from the Mecklenburg, Trumansburg, Enfield and Burdett fire departments responded to the scene of the burning structure at about 9:18 a.m., according to Mecklenburg Fire Department First Assistant Chief Albert Foote.
The structure, a 10- by 20-square foot cabin located about a half mile from the road, was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived, Foote said.
Three engines and three pump trucks were on the scene, he added.
“The house was fully involved and burned to the ground by the time we got there,” added Thomas T. Basher Jr., assistant chief for the Trumansburg Fire Department.
Basher said firefighters had some difficulty locating the house, since it was situated in the woods. He said Trumansburg firefighters approached the house with hand lines from a hill near the cabin, while the Mecklenburg Fire Department approached via a dirt driveway that ran to the house.
Mecklenburg firefighters fought the flames with water they drew from a nearby creek with a portable pump, Basher said. The cabin was a total loss, he added.
“By the time we got there and put our forces to bear on it, the house was gone,” Basher said.
There were no injuries. Robert S. Hannon, who owned and resided in the cabin, was present at the scene, according to William Kennedy, coordinator for the Schuyler County Office of Fire & Emergency Management.
The Schuyler County Fire Investigation unit is still probing the cause of the fire, Kennedy said.
Originally published [in The Ithaca Journal] May 31, 2006

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